How We Work

For Investors

Why you should consider investing in the Citadel Ventures portfolio of companies?

  • Citadel Ventures provide you an opportunity to discover and become a part of the start-up world of Silicon Valley. We bring to you new ideas in the enterprise software and consumer internet space, which could become household names in the future. You could be anywhere in the world, and participate in the creation of an exciting set of products that could be the next Google or

For Entrepreneurs

  • We spend a lot of time meeting people with ideas. While we tend to focus on technology ideas, and specially ideas that can lead to products for the enterprise or consumer internet space, we are open to ideas that can become BIG in any space.
  • Once we like an idea, we partner with the entrepreneur to bring all our resources to take the idea to a product. This can be accomplished in multiple ways. Sometimes it is by infusion of a small amount of capital. More often, we will fund the development and creation of the product. We will provide strategic guidance on the technology front to position the product correctly, provide engineering resources, at our cost, to build the product, and provide strategic and operational guidance to launch the product. This will also include help with finding your first customers, the early adopters, which is one of the hardest areas for a young startup. And in helping manage the product adoption at the customer site.
  • Because of our location in Palo Alto, proximity to venture capital funds on Sand Hill Road, we have deep connections with the investment community, all around the world, both professional and private. We will help companies raise additional rounds of financing, so that the business has the necessary cash to keep expanding.
  • One concrete consequence of this, if you are an entrepreneur working with us, is that we can also help with early exits. Because we help you get your product ready, and get your first customers, you can sell early, if you want to. It can sometimes make sense to sell yourself when you’re small for a few million, rather than take more funding and roll the dice again. Google likes to do early-stage acquisitions, and we expect them to become increasingly common as other companies learn what Google has. Citadel Ventures can help you with finding buyers for your product and technology, and also help negotiate a sale.